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[13 Sep 10]
The Philippine Psychiatric Association (PPA) and the Asia-Pacific Association of Psychotherapists (APAP) are pleased to invite you to the 6th APAP Congress-37th PPA Annual Convention with the theme, “Mirroring the Asian Way of Psychotherapy, to be held at Shangri-la Mactan Hotel, Cebu, Philippines on January 25-28, 2011. The web site is
[18 Jun 10]
Psychiatrists who want to provide academic support in basic counselling and basic psychological first aid for voluteers from Satien Dhama Stan and may be supervisors for the voluteers in action to resolve conflicts and emotional problems in community (within this month) please contact Dr.Amporn
[17 Jun 10]
[4 Jun 10]
WPA-WHO Survey for Revision of the ICD-10. Thai psychiatrists are invited to take part in this survey along with psychiatrists all over the world to review ICD-10 classification and lead to the development of ICD-11 read detail here go to the online survey web site
[25 May 10]
[9 Apr 10]
[9 Apr 10]
[19 Mar 10]
Announcement from the Thai Psychiatric Association of Thailand for young psychiatrists to take part in WPA International Congress Read detail
[12 Mar 10]
Press release from Department of Mental Health - Psychiatric Association of Thailand for Thai people to beware of threatened stress from political crisis and suggestion guideline to relieve stress Press Release
[6 Aug.09]
[14 Jul.09]
Since there will be the 2nd World Congress of Asian Psychiatry in Taiwan on 7-10 Nov.2009, TYPO (Taiwanese Young Psychiatrists Organization) has announced that there will be Travel Award for Young Psychiatrists. See details in this website by this 31 July 2009.

[30 Jun.09]
The Psychotherapy unit and Psychogeriatric Unit of Psychiatric Department, Faculty of Medicine, Chiangmai University together with Thai Psychotherapist society announced the second workshop in psychotherapy in "Achieving Psychotherapy Effectiveness II" 13-14 August 2009 at Fonkham Village Resort, Chiangmai. Psychiatrists, general practitioners, resident, nurse, psychotherapists, social workers, students and interested others can find in details here

[29 Jun.09]  
We received an invitation from Dr.Shigeto Yamawaki President of Asian College of Neuropsychopharmacology (AsCNP) about 5 Travel Awards for Young Investigators who submit their poster papers to the first meeting of the Asian College of Neuropsychopharmacology, Kyoto JAPAN deadline for submitting is 15 July 09. For details, please contact PAT's committee.

[24 Jun.09]  
[18 Jan.08] Scholarship for young psychiatrists in 2008 with applications

[26 Feb 07]
The Psychiatric Association of Thailand (PAT) activities
Mar 16, 07 Academic activity in geriatic psychiatry/neuropsychiatry at Somdej Chaopraya Psychiatric Institute [Thai]
Mar 30, 07 Special lecture and the pour water for older psychiatrist ceremony, Songkran festival [Thai]
Apr 28-29, 07 Summer Variety Meeting 2007 at Garden Cliff Hotel, Pataya

[19 Feb.07] The Forth Thailand Conference on Substance Abuse to be held in Prince of Songkla University on July 3-5, 2007 [Thai]
[14 Feb.07] Assoc. Prof. Ronnachai Kongsakol on behalf of The Psychiatric Association of Thailand submitted an open letter to Prime Minister delegate for the health care coverage of psychiatric patients who work under the social security law [Thai]
[24 Nov.06] Journal of the Psychiatric Association of Thailand Vol.51 No.2 April - June 2006 (Full text, PDF format) [Thai]
    A Course for Young Psychiatrists to be held in Hong Kong 24-28 June 2007 (Thai)
    PAT's announcement on Mentor-Mentee Program for young psychiatrist. [download PDF 215 Kb] (Thai)
12th Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists Scientific Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan, October 5-8, 2006. Call for Symposium Proposal and Free Papers (both deadline on May 31, 2006). For online registration and more information, please visit the conference website at
    South Asian Forum on mental health and psychiatry
ԡĵԵ㨨ҡ 7 ɰԨ [Thai]
Ephridine induced psychosis [Thai]
How to prevent suicide [Thai]
Psychiatrist advice : creative love [Thai]
Psychological impact from Tsunami disasters in 6 southern provinces of Thailand [Thai]
Behavioral problems in demented elderly [Thai]

Brain, Behaviour
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11-13 December 2010, Hong Kong

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  WPA Call for applications for a research fellowship UMPC (2009)
WPA Call for research proposals (2009)
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